CDL Logistics is your end-to-end service provider for customised solutions in pharmaceutical fulfilment.

As the pharmaceuticals sector continues to explode, its multiple customers continue to require deliveries on their demanding schedules. The delicate nature of many pharmaceutical and healthcare goods and concerns about security demand specialised logistics services.

The CDL Logistics Group offers pharma fulfilment to drugs companies and their customers including pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers supporting the health care industry, hospitals, and individual consumers. We operate in the highest ethical and administrative protocols. Accredited with a MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) Wholesale Dealers License, CDL can store, pick, pack and distribute both pharmacy and prescription – only medicines.

The MHRA licence is granted in accordance with section B (3) and (3A) of The Medicines Act 1968 as amended and is subject to the provisions of The Medicines Act 1968 as amended and 1971 and The Medicines For Human Use (Manufacturing Wholesale Dealing and Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2005 (SI2005/2789).

CDL have no fewer than three MHRA warehouses accredited for the storage, fulfilment and distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical products. They are strategically placed around London so that the costs of shipping your pharmaceutical products is minimised and the flexibility of delivery is maximised.

Our facilities are environmentally controlled to ensure your products are stored within the proper temperature and humidity levels. Package sizes range anywhere from pallets all the way down to individual packages. In addition to the pharmaceutical fulfillments of storage, packaging and shipping of drugs for sale, CDL Logistics manages the fulfilment of product literature and product samples. We also maintain a strict adherence to all requirements with separately zoned alarm systems, restricted access areas, and 24-hour video surveillance.

At CDL Logistics we can source, re-label and re–pack your pharmaceutical products. We apply our exacting standards to every aspect of our client work – taking intense measures to consistently deliver precise, vital marketing and fulfilment solutions to the pharmaceutical and health care communities. We understand that nothing is as valuable as well-experienced people striving to meet our customers’ industry specific requirements. At CDL Logistics we make sure that every product is handled and transported in the appropriate secure environment and that they reach their final destination in perfect condition.

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