At CDL Logistics we understand that fulfilment services for the Financial Industry require many special areas of expertise including fast goods receiving procedures, very high picking accuracy and systems that can manage complex bespoke collations and keep track of product expiry dates.

Requirements may include:

  • Bulk Storage & Distribution Capacity
  • Clean Humidity Controlled Environment for Paper Products
  • Database Management
  • Bespoke Mailings Including Variable Date
  • Product Traceability
  • E-fulfilment Ordering & Reporting

We provide storage, fulfilment and mailing of a range of confidential policy documents to the Financial Advisors Network. There is a wide range of packs and these can be collated on demand according to the requirements of each Advisor.

At CDL Logistics we fully appreciate how critical it is that information is correct and on time. Reporting is also a key feature and we provide a fully integrated e-Fulfilment solution using tried and tested systems that have been developed over many years including our own management system IFS (Integrated Fulfilment System).

Print On Demand

Print on demand has now become a genuine alternative to volume litho printing with speeds of up to 125 ppm black or 45 ppm of full colour. Digital printing is ideal for short run, variable text documents such as mail shots, price lists, manuals, handbooks, posters, catalogues, directories and leaflets.

By using this technology, digital printing or print on demand gives the flexibility to print in quantities that would not be cost-effective with conventional litho printing.

CDL has embraced this technology and see print on demand as an additional element to our traditional fulfilment service offering and in many cases on demand and picking from stock can be used in tandem to provide a more bespoke campaign.

Additionally, there is the environmental benefit to this system in reducing waste and the carbon footprint, which is arguably a responsibility of each and every individual in today’s society.


A few facts…

  • In the last 3 years, UK businesses alone have lost 1.9 billion pieces of paper. The reasons could be fire, theft, flood or staff negligence.
  • 9.5% of all documents get lost, 6% of the remainder get misfiled.
  • For every 10 printed pages, only 1 is ever consulted.
  • 9% of business revenue is spent on creation, management, storage and retrieval of paper.
  • Paper in an average business, grows by 22% which means that paper doubles in a span of 3.3 years.
  • For every 10 printed pages only 1 is ever consulted but all must be kept for compliance

Every organisation creates documents which legislation stipulates must be kept, protected and readily available. CDL can provide a fully managed storage, retrieval and destruction service. Our tracking system provides a complete movement audit of your files and boxes and our Scan on Demand service means that you can have a file on your screen within 30 minutes.

Services we offer include:

  • Collection of Files & Boxes from Your Office
  • Indexing Your Documents into our Bespoke Integrated System
  • Secure Storage
  • Retrieval & Delivery on Demand to Your Office
  • On Demand Scanning to Deliver Documents to Your Desktop Within 30 Minutes
  • Secure Document Destruction on Request

From small businesses to large corporates CDL can help you save space, time and money on your Document Archiving requirements and you will not lose control. Our Document Management System IFS will allow you to view all of your files online in real time so no more searching through piles of old archive boxes. CDL can provide Document Archiving from any one of four locations around the M25 so we are never that far away.

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