Our services are complimented by our own order processing and warehouse management system, IFS (Integrated Fulfilment System). IFS enables CDL to provide seamless automation of the ordering and fulfilment process, giving clients real-time visibility of order tracking and stock control, as well as management information.

IFS can also receive order information directly from a client’s website without additional administrative costs.

Key features include:

Processing Information

  • Advanced goods-in notification
  • Direct order processing
  • Inputting product images
  • Backorder status

Inventory Management

  • FIFO – First In, First Out
  • Monitoring of stock levels and usage
  • Stock movement and location
  • Automated notification of low stock


  • Real time tracking status
  • 2 point status on all goods received
  • 6 point status on all goods out orders
  • Integrated POD details

Management Information

  • Invoice reports
  • Order trends
  • Stock trends
  • Transparent KPI reporting

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