A major auto manufacturer required a robust yet flexible system enabling their dealers to quickly send out tailored information, whilst maintaining consistent corporate branding.

At CDL Logistics we understand that there are strong competitive pressures on high volume automotive producers to develop order fulfilment systems that are responsive to customer needs and that deliver customer-focused variety to the marketplace. We appreciate that order fulfilment in high volume automotive operations is complex and also subject to increasing levels of product variety and high rates of new product introduction. At CDL Logistics we enable our clients to communicate professionally, accurately and speedily in this demanding and highly competitive sector. Orders can be placed online using our simple and intuitive based system giving you the freedom to change your requirements to respond intelligently to market forces.

Along with complex long-term fulfilment solutions, CDL have extensive experience in merchandise, POS and product fulfilment, with the ability to also manage campaigns and ‘one-off’ promotions. CDL Logistics Group offers the complete storage, fulfilment and distribution service. Our internet based Integrated Fulfilment System (IFS) provides seamless automation of the online ordering and fulfilment processing giving Clients 24/7 real time access to stock details, order processing and management reports via a secure extranet login.

Automotive POS Fulfilment and Distribution is a specialist service which requires strict processes and procedures to be in place so it can help businesses achieve their potential. CDL have been providing a dedicated POS Fulfilment for 20 years and have worked extensively with the automotive sector. Automotive companies find our POS fulfilment services very helpful for their business because we help in providing information about the items that are out of stock and special pricing based on customer level. Our Automotive POS services also provide user-defined fields to keep record of mileage, make, model, year, etc.

Requirements may be for both pull and push fulfilment, meeting requests from Field Sales Agents or managing large National Campaigns to retailers from a database. Therefore POS fulfilment and distribution can be complex but CDL have the resources available to manage any requirement they are given without any problems whether they are:

  • Bulk Storage, Fulfilment & Distribution Capacity
  • Database Management
  • Pack Collation
  • Hand Finishing & Assembly
  • Product Packaging
  • Support of Field Sales Teams via Extranet
  • Events Support
  • E-Fulfilment Ordering & Reporting

Our Integrated Fulfilment System ensures that the products reach their destination safely. We maintain and check all the computerised facts starting from maintaining stocks, taking orders, online customers’ details, shipping details, etc. allows the checking of the quantities of items in-hand, prices and item’s recent selling volume. It keeps a record of all the items that have been sold to the customer and provides information about what was done to the auto previously with exact dates of service. Automotive POS also helps in tracking serial numbers, item costs and profit margins. It helps in managing the inventory investment effectively. Automotive POS with CDL allows our clients to keep information about their customers, what are they buying, their detailed sales history and vehicle service records. Our fulfilment services provide cost effective ways to achieve the objectives of the business and ensure it is running smoothly. CDL Logistics’ e-commerce fulfilment is flexible, reliable and authentic.

Case Study (Leading Automotive Manufacturer)

Product literature for all makes and models is held under one roof ensuring efficient version and stock control from one source. Requests for mailings are received from any of the 275 nationwide dealers overnight via secure FTP. On receipt, files are checked for error content then run through stock control to allocate brochures and letterheads.

Following this, all letters are mail merged. This can include variables such as Media Codes (e.g., Motor Show), and more recently has included up to 22 variable fields for car specification. Our fulfillment package can include letters, brochures, technical specifications and accessories and packing for different divisions including polybagging, envelopes and bespoke folders.

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